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2018   Eat Well, Be Well

           Urban Edibles

           Eternal Gratitude 


2017   A Nebraska Odyssey**‡

           City Sprouts South Garden

2016   Nostrovia (Polish)**                            

           Del Futuro Al Pasado (Mex.)**‡ 

2015   Sieninas Pasveikis (Lithuanian)**        

           Holding Together                          

           Temple Israel                                  

           Benson Park                                  

           Maria Bonita                                   

2014   Magic City**                                    

           Waves of Immigration                  


           Benson Plant Rescue

2013   C-Unity                                            


           VFW Freedom Mural                  


2012   Avanza!                                            


           2013 NSX                                         

2011   Antique Float                                  

2009   Maria Bonita*                                  


           Poco a Poquito*                            

           El Diablo*                                         

2008   Common Threads* ‡                    


2007   Popocateaptl*                                


2005   Benchmarks                                   

           5 Senses of Africa                         

2001   parade float                                      


1998   residential murals                           

1997   MFA murals and collaborations            

1996   Club Mecca                                     

1992-94  Mardi Gras parade floats                              

* murals developed with students

** Officially South Omaha Mural Project

Designer and Lead Artist on all except ‡


see desktop version for full information

Together Inc., 24th & Leavenworth sts.

Benson Plant Rescue, Maple St., Omaha

Nebraska Veterans Home, Kearney, NE

         For A Midsummer’s Mural

36th & Q Sts, South Omaha

19th & N Sts., South Omaha

Dinker’s, 25th & Castelar Sts., Omaha

24th & M Sts., South Omaha, SONA

33rd & R Sts., South Omaha, SOBA

Together Inc., 24th & Leavenworth sts.

Temple Israel, Omaha, NE

Benson/Omaha, NE

52nd & L sts., South Omaha

24th & N sts., South Omaha, SOBA

Metropolitan Community College, South Campus

Why Arts? Inc., 61st & Maple sts., N. Alley

Maple, West of 72nd St, Omaha

Creighton University

Midwest Photo Pro, Leavenworth St

VFW Post 247, Leavenworth St.

         For A Midsummer’s Mural

Park Ave. & Leavenworth, Omaha

       with Richard Harrison

Exclusive Honda, Omaha

Jim’s Seek & Save Antiques, Omaha, NE

Maria Bonita Restaurant, Omaha, NE

Guaca Maya Restaurant, Omaha, NE

Casa de la Cultura, Omaha, NE

Plaza de la Raza, Omaha, NE

Assist to Meg Saligman, Omaha, NE

Literacy Center, Omaha, NE

South Omaha Art Institute, Omaha, NE

South Omaha Art Institute, Omaha, NE

public arts project, 2 benches, Omaha

Bellevue University, NE

River City Roundup, Omaha, NE

     Montessori Parents’ Co-op for Children

Boulder, Co; Jamestown, CO; Slidell, LA

University of Colorado, Boulder

Boulder, CO

Royal Artists, New Orleans, LA

Everyone has a  story to tell or an idea to share.  Each community project offers a larger venue for local voices.  With fellow artists, students, the public at large or solo, we have worked on over 20 public murals since 2011.  Additionally, many private mural projects have occupied the calendar.

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