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I was born in New Orleans, in 1970. My parents landed there from Cuba in '62.  I grew up with one foot in and one foot out of the local culture.  While I was a BFA student at the University of New Orleans  ('93), I was given the opportunity to paint Mardi Gras parade floats.  This, ultimately, led me to mural painting and Public Art, which has become a major portion of my production as an artist.  My studio work has undergone many changes since graduate school at the University of Colorado, Boulder (MFA '97).  It has been featured in solo and many group exhibitions, especially here in Omaha, to where we moved in 2000.  I have had the pleasure of contributing to the growth of many artists as a college professor, as well as in mentoring programs, screen-printing workshops and mural projects.  As a gallery director, I had curated socially-conscious art exhibits. In the studio, my chosen media include acrylic and oil painting, ink on paper, traditional and digital printmaking, and design.

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