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I like to find a balance between chaos and order, randomness and structure, uncontrolled process and design.  So, you could see a naturalistic painting of the painter painting in a red landscape littered with debris.  You might be looking at a literally burnt surface with geometric interventions in relief. You may find somewhat random, crude shapes and gridded lines joining in unrelated layers in silkscreen, ink drawing or paint.  That's mostly where I've been since 2013, working by open-ended process and revealing an incredible variety within basic parameters.  8x10 inches or 8x8 feet, it is a great joy to explore a universe without identifying a thing.

And, I like the idea of images that are "almost there", where subject matter is obscured or incidental, like cloud-form manageries.  It comes out in the process, where I drag paint with tools, such as wedges, palette knives, rollers; lead the ink to water; cut paper with curiosity.  Something shows up in a wave and it's either a keeper or a layer.  Some happen quickly and some revolve for months.


Meanwhile, I also paint murals and community projects, teach college art courses, do workshops... Each is its own world, and it's all Art in practice.   I feel fortunate to live as an artist and to have opportunities to share. 


I have been making Art since 1989.  I have painted for countless time, have mastered a great deal and there is always more to master.  That, is Painting.  That is Art.

- Mike Girón

Natural Abstraction BACK FINAL.jpg
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