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Graphic Design

Print Media

Raster & Vector

Laser-Cut Acrylic




Whether it's a package of brochures, postcards, posters and stickers or vector graphics able to stretch to large scale signage, t-shirts or an array of print material,

my graphic work pulls together a complete skill set of drawing, painting,  printmaking and digital applications.


Print graphics from years past.

Comfort Food

Comfort Food is a graphics package to help Hunger Free Heartland increase awareness of food insecurity throughout the Omaha metro.


With help from WhyArts?, Inc., we conducted interviews at Heartland Hope Mission to hear stories of clients, which are written into the pictorial designs and converge in the flat, cut-out designs.


Typically, circumstances determine how you land in any given fall.


Graphically, there are a variety of reproduction possibilities, with different families of style and print media, including vector images for print and large- scale cut signage, 42" laser cut and printed acrylic displays with stands, window clings and vinyl, decal and screen-printed t-shirts, and original drawings for keeps or auction.


Los Dias de los Muertos


Exhibit promotions and schedule of four annual events mounted by the Mexican American Historical Society of the Midlands.

The package included brochures, postcards, posters and stickers. 

I consulted on the design the first go around and created the others.  Each began with an original illustration by Linda Garcia, Kitty Brougham or myself. 

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