This Friday/Saturday!  Stop in at the Pet Shop Gallery North, 2727 N. 62nd St., Benson.

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Each artist is showing a single piece for this pop-up art show.  I am excited to unveil mine, which returns to the first cut-out piece, which I had originally created in 1994.  How could I know then for how long I would be following that course?  Come see it in living color!  And be careful!  All of the artwork is fueled by the muderous minds of Legion!


Hunger Free Heartland – Comfort Food design project

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The Comfort Food project is a graphics package I’ve just finished designing to help Hunger Free Heartland increase awareness of food insecurity throughout the Omaha metro area.  With help from WhyArts?, Inc., we conducted interviews at Heartland Hope Mission, of clients using the food pantry, to hear their stories, which are written into the pictorial designs and converge in the flat, cut-out designs.  There are a variety of reproduction possibilities, with different families of style and print media, which also include samall- to large-scale signages.